Winter Wear!

Hello lovelies! 

I’m back after a good 6 week hiatus! Have you missed me? 

It’s been a hectic few weeks. I turned 24, my niece was born (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the baby spam!) and I’ve been busy with work. Dark nights are so hard to get a good photo in!

However, I’m hopefully back to my little blog. 

I’ve seem to have bought lots of new pretties over the past few weeks, my wardrobe has literally ran out of room. I shall be writing about those soon but first up is this cute little New Look dress that I picked up in a blog sale in the summer. 

I’d forgot all about buying this dress so when I found it tucked away amongst my hangers, I was thrilled! 


It’s no longer available on New Look unfortunately but this skater dress is very similar!  
The dress is a super soft crepe like material that has no stretch. This dress is a 24 and it snugly fits around my bum and tum! I love the colours on this dress and the Peter Pan collar makes this dress one of my new favourites. Can you have favourite dresses? I know I do! 

I’ve teamed my dress with my absolute bargain coat that I picked up in Barnados, brand new with tags for £3.50! Fits like a dream and all proceeds go towards charity! I’ve found a similar coat from George at Asda here. I know this coat will get lots of wear this winter as it is so versatile! 


I was off to my Grandma’s for dinner before I took these shots so my face was fully made up! I adore the MUA lip lacquer in Reckless, one of my favourite products to use on my lips. Incase you have missed my face, here is shot of my rather round mush! 


Have you tried the MUA lip lacquers?



You’d never guess…

… another floral print! 

How are you this fine sunny day? I can’t believe it’s October! 

October is my favorite time of year. The fallen leaves become a plethora of colours, the mornings are crisp, my slipper boots make an appearance and its my birthday month! 

This year, I have no plans for my birthday but I still needed a nice dress to celebrate, right? 

A week or so ago, I posted my Wednesday wishist and I finally gave in to the temptation of the beautiful New Look Floral print skater dress.

I had a 20% off voucher and a £10 giftcard to use so along with the dress I ordered a black mid-sleeve tshirt and a pair of patent leather pumps which were a bargain in the sale! 

When the dress arrived, it as love at first sight!

The dress is made of a scuba like material which is thick and the bodice is lined. The material is lovely but it attracts all the cat hair! I also loves the print of the dress! Oh how I love a beautiufl floral! The delicate rose print stands out so much against the black background and I love it! I love the mix of pink and purple roses too! Oh and the neckline! I adore the neckline! 

Sweetheart. Yes?

Sweetheart. Yes?



I teamed my dress with a George Shrug, black leggings, Primark wedges and a waspie belt that I picked up in my local charity shop for 50p! 

I just need to make some plans for birthday and I’m all set! 

Do like a certain print? Or do you stick to certain type? 


Spotty Dotty!


In August, I went to Plus North which is a plus size fashion event. It was AMAZING. I finally met some of the amazing bloggers whose blogs I have been reading for a while. It was fantastic meeting them and they encouraged me to start my own little blogging space! 

So here I am, a month or so down the line blogging. So far, so good! 

On the Sunday of Plus North, a clothes swap was held. I’d taken along some bits and pieces that I knew I wouldn’t wear so I was happy to see them go to a new home! 

In return, I could pick some items for myself out of the swap. 

One of the items I picked up was this rather cute New Look Inspire waterfall spotty blazer. It’s a size 20 so I wasn’t sure it would fit but if the worst came to worst, my sister (who is slightly less fat than I am) would gain a lovely piece to her ever expanding wardrobe of Charlotte’s cast-offs. Having a younger sister who is similar size to me is a blessing and a curse! She is often known to ‘borrow’ my clothes (where are those purple jeggings?!) but often if I’m too lazy to return something or if I’ve won something on ebay that doesn’t fit, she gratefully accepts any clothes donations.

I love my clothes swap blazer and I am thankful to the person who brought it along to the swap!



Teamed with my ever trusty jeggings from Yours Clothing. These are my go to jeggings for any occasion! They’re comfoartable, they’re hard wearing and they don’t break the bank! Absolute win for Yours Clothing from me! 

Did you go to Plus North? If so, did you get anything from the clothes swap?


Forever Floral


A  few days ago, I posted about the Lindy Bop dress I ordered. You can find the post here if you haven’t already seen it. I ordered it late Monday night and it arrived Wednesday morning. For the £2 P+P, I was amazed it came so quick! 

I quickly opened my package and changed in the middle of living room. I’m a classy bird you see. 

The dress is a thick cotton, and hangs beautiful. I know I won’t have to worry about my dress blowing up in the slightest of breezes. There is a zip and hook at the back, but I managed to pull it over my head without undoing the zip. I knew that the Hetty dress had a belt however I was surprised that the belt was detachable. It is a lovely, sturdy belt made of the same thick cotton with a big silver buckle. What I loved most about this dress was the neckline. It’s like a giant bow like Peter Pan collar that almost gave a cap sleeve effect. I adore it! 

I wore my purple two layer petticoat with my dress, as it’s the only petticoat I have. However, I can see a black petticoat living in my wardrobe in the near future. My sister (who I am in paying in food and banter) agreed to take these photos of me for my little blog. 

Purple Pettiocat

Purple Pettiocat


And lastly, my face featuring a new lipstick from Avon. I might review this soon. 

This is my face.

This is my face.

Dress- Lindy Bop ‘Hetty’

Petticoat – eBay

Sunglasses – eBay

Would you like a post on what make up I wear?


Wednesday Wishlist

Today is Wednesday… So I thought I’d make a little wish list for the things I’m currently lusting over. 

A few years ago, I could think of nothing worse than looking for clothes. The thought used to fill me with dread. I’d trawl around the high street, hoping that I’d find something that would fit. And that I would feel and look amazing in it. This was the days before we had the likes of Yours and Simply Be on the High Street. It was also before I truly discovered the delights of internet shopping. 

I could write about the glories of internet shopping until the sun goes down! I know I shouldn’t. I know it takes a lot away from shops that aren’t High street (such as small businesses) but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? 

Back to my wishist, I have my eye on so many pretty things! So far, I’ve been good and held myself back from buying anything but I can feel myself slipping… 


Joe Browns Robin Tunic

New Look Inspire Floral Skater Dress

Marks & Spencer Umbrella Jumper

I love the prints on these beauties! I can definitley see the floral skater dress making an appearnce in my New Look basket, it’s beautiful! Not only do I love the print, I love the sweetheart necklace. The restraint that I’ve had so far is definitely wearing the more I look at this dress. 

The Umbrella print jumper from M&S is adoreable! Sadly, the 24 is out of stock online (Grrr!).  They do have the 22 but I’d size up in this so I can wear a vest underneath (I’m an old lady I know!). 

I also have some long sleeved tshirts in my little list as I’ve seen some gorgeous mulberry coloured ones in Primark! 

Do you have a Wednesday wishlist? What’s caught your eye this season? 


Honest, my hand slipped…

Last night, I had an accident. 

Whilst going through my evening ritual of browsing Facebook, I noticed that Leah over at  Just Me Leah had posted a link to a beautiful skirt from Lindy Bop.  

After seeing the skirt Leah posted, I had to have a proper look on the website. Oh, and lo and behold! I was not disappointed! I’ve lusted after the Lindy Bop ‘Ophelia’ dress for a while but I don’t think the ruched bust would do my bust any favours. 

I had a look at the Audrey dresses and I was impressed by the different colours and patterns that were available. I’m a sucker for a good floral print! There were a few dresses that caught my eye and I thought ‘ooooh, I need that!’. But, I held back knowing that I have a few bills left to pay this month. I then saw the ‘Sale’ section… 

This beauty is now on the way to my house right now! 

Lindy Bop 'Hetty'

Lindy Bop ‘Hetty’

As soon as I saw this dress, I knew I had to have it. I love the floral print, I love the design with the collar and the built in belt will definitley cinch my waist in. I ordered this in a size 22 as it was the biggest size they had in stock.. My other circle dress is a 22 so I’ hope this fits. I’ve never had Lindy Bop clothes before so I wasn’t sure whether to size up or down. My small bust usually means I can size down. 

The best part of this dress was the price! I absolutely love a bargain and I picked this beauty up for £22.99! I couldn’t not have it, could I? 

What I really liked about Lindy Bop was the postage! Often, I am put off by high postage fees but I paid a mere £2 for delivery! I could also pay by Paypal so I didn’t have to fetch my purse to find my card. Oh it was a glorious moment of laziness! 

I had an email his morning to inform me that my dress had been dispatched so I am currently playing the waiting game! Super excited to blog it and I am already debating on what accessories to wear with! 

Has your hand ever slipped on the ‘Add to basket’ button? 


Fly Away.

Hello m’dears!

A few days ago, I was rumaging through my end-of-bed-drobe (the place in which I drape my clothes at the end of my bed) and I remembered about this dress I bought just after Plus North in the Simply Be sale.

I first saw this dress on the babely Lisa from My Big Fat Blog and I knew I had to have it! This dress is still available here to buy.

It is a light, almost satin-y feel dress that is cool on the skin. It is also non-clingy, which for me is great because I’m not a fan of materials that cling. It has a dipped hem but you can’t really tell in this photo. I think the belt has made the material ride up at the back.

Bird Print

Bird Print

Another feature of this dress that I adore is the chunky silver zip at the back of the dress.



To complete this outfit, I dug out my Blowfish ankle boots that I’ve had for the past 4yr yet I’ve only worn them a handfull of times. I had a quick look on the Blowfish site to see if there anything similar to link you to. There isn’t however I found this beautiful Blowfish Biker boots that I would definitley wear with this dress as a casual look.


Blowfish Boots

I think that the chunkiness of the heel and the zip goes with the zip in the back of the dress. They are such a comfy boot and I’m not sure why I don’t wear them more. Maybe now that I’ve dug them out, I’ll wear them more as I often go to my shoes that are on the shoe rack instead of going to rummage for a pair!

Do you match shoes with an outfit? Or do you just pop on whats there? 


Roses and Pearls.

Hello again!

I recently won one of the cutest Joe Browns necklaces on eBay recently for the rand sum of £3! It was brand new with tags so I knew I had to bid on it! I have tried to find the necklace on the Joe Browns website but I can’t find it anywhere online. 


As you can see, it is a beautiful 2inch pearl drop choker style necklace. I LOVE IT! I know this necklace will be adorned around my fat neck on many occasions to come. 

I teamed my new necklace with Simply Be rose print tea dress. I love this dress. Its super comfy, I can wear it with a cardi and pumps or I can dress it up with heels and a blazer! It is so versatile! 



As you can see, the neckalce goes well with the dress! I am also wearing my Primark pumps (I’m living in these at the minute!) and my Primark belt (which I am also quite partial to!). 

Do you have a go-to jewellery? 


Autumn Days.

It seems that we’ve suddenly jumped from Summer to Autumn in what seems like overnight. Now, I do love autumn when the morning air is crisp and the leaves are a beautiful array of oranges and golden browns. Today was not one of those days.

It was a dull grey day, the type that Carol Ann Duffy writes about in Education for Leisure. 

‘It is an ordinary day,
a sort of grey with boredom stirring in the streets.’

I had no desire to do anything today apart from pop to the local shop for dinner so I pretty much chucked on what I came to first.


A lazy jumper from Marks + Spencer that I found in the local charity shop for £2 (I am a huge fan of chairty shops!) Similar jumper can be found here. 

My jeans are old Simply Be. They are the comfiest jeans ever! They’re made of a super soft yet thick legging material. I love the patter and the plum colour is a colour I’m super fond of. 
And my little pumps are from Primark. 

Now that the autumn days are here, what do you wear on a lazy day?


Sail Away!

Hello lovlies! 

Ever had one of those days were you’ve felt like sailing away? Well, I’ve found the perfect dress for those days! It is meant to be a beach dress but seeing as though summer is on the way out (Hello Autumn!), I will be wearing this Simply Be Beach dress as a normal dress! I stumbled across it whilst was looking for a bathing suit for my holidays. 

I spied it recently and  had to have it! They only had a size 16 but the back is that elasticed lattice. I bought it thinking that if it wouldn’t fit I’m sure my sister would take it out of my  hands…. 

Thankfully, the 16 fits (hallelujulah!).  You can definitley size down in this dress! For me this a perfect fit, snug over my boobs yet long enough and big enough to look good over my big squishy belly.

It is a beautiful yacht print, square neck (50’s style) with detachable straps. It has a tie at the waist which you can either tie at the back of the front. Here, I have tied it at the front so it emphasies my chest! I wore my little Matalan cardi, similar cardigan can be found here.


The print is super cute and nautical! It reminds me of holidays in Amble on the North coast!


Do you like nautical print? Where would you wear a dress like this?