Fly Away.

Hello m’dears!

A few days ago, I was rumaging through my end-of-bed-drobe (the place in which I drape my clothes at the end of my bed) and I remembered about this dress I bought just after Plus North in the Simply Be sale.

I first saw this dress on the babely Lisa from My Big Fat Blog and I knew I had to have it! This dress is still available here to buy.

It is a light, almost satin-y feel dress that is cool on the skin. It is also non-clingy, which for me is great because I’m not a fan of materials that cling. It has a dipped hem but you can’t really tell in this photo. I think the belt has made the material ride up at the back.

Bird Print

Bird Print

Another feature of this dress that I adore is the chunky silver zip at the back of the dress.



To complete this outfit, I dug out my Blowfish ankle boots that I’ve had for the past 4yr yet I’ve only worn them a handfull of times. I had a quick look on the Blowfish site to see if there anything similar to link you to. There isn’t however I found this beautiful Blowfish Biker boots that I would definitley wear with this dress as a casual look.


Blowfish Boots

I think that the chunkiness of the heel and the zip goes with the zip in the back of the dress. They are such a comfy boot and I’m not sure why I don’t wear them more. Maybe now that I’ve dug them out, I’ll wear them more as I often go to my shoes that are on the shoe rack instead of going to rummage for a pair!

Do you match shoes with an outfit? Or do you just pop on whats there? 



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