Honest, my hand slipped…

Last night, I had an accident. 

Whilst going through my evening ritual of browsing Facebook, I noticed that Leah over at  Just Me Leah had posted a link to a beautiful skirt from Lindy Bop.  

After seeing the skirt Leah posted, I had to have a proper look on the website. Oh, and lo and behold! I was not disappointed! I’ve lusted after the Lindy Bop ‘Ophelia’ dress for a while but I don’t think the ruched bust would do my bust any favours. 

I had a look at the Audrey dresses and I was impressed by the different colours and patterns that were available. I’m a sucker for a good floral print! There were a few dresses that caught my eye and I thought ‘ooooh, I need that!’. But, I held back knowing that I have a few bills left to pay this month. I then saw the ‘Sale’ section… 

This beauty is now on the way to my house right now! 

Lindy Bop 'Hetty'

Lindy Bop ‘Hetty’

As soon as I saw this dress, I knew I had to have it. I love the floral print, I love the design with the collar and the built in belt will definitley cinch my waist in. I ordered this in a size 22 as it was the biggest size they had in stock.. My other circle dress is a 22 so I’ hope this fits. I’ve never had Lindy Bop clothes before so I wasn’t sure whether to size up or down. My small bust usually means I can size down. 

The best part of this dress was the price! I absolutely love a bargain and I picked this beauty up for £22.99! I couldn’t not have it, could I? 

What I really liked about Lindy Bop was the postage! Often, I am put off by high postage fees but I paid a mere £2 for delivery! I could also pay by Paypal so I didn’t have to fetch my purse to find my card. Oh it was a glorious moment of laziness! 

I had an email his morning to inform me that my dress had been dispatched so I am currently playing the waiting game! Super excited to blog it and I am already debating on what accessories to wear with! 

Has your hand ever slipped on the ‘Add to basket’ button? 



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