Wednesday Wishlist

Today is Wednesday… So I thought I’d make a little wish list for the things I’m currently lusting over. 

A few years ago, I could think of nothing worse than looking for clothes. The thought used to fill me with dread. I’d trawl around the high street, hoping that I’d find something that would fit. And that I would feel and look amazing in it. This was the days before we had the likes of Yours and Simply Be on the High Street. It was also before I truly discovered the delights of internet shopping. 

I could write about the glories of internet shopping until the sun goes down! I know I shouldn’t. I know it takes a lot away from shops that aren’t High street (such as small businesses) but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? 

Back to my wishist, I have my eye on so many pretty things! So far, I’ve been good and held myself back from buying anything but I can feel myself slipping… 


Joe Browns Robin Tunic

New Look Inspire Floral Skater Dress

Marks & Spencer Umbrella Jumper

I love the prints on these beauties! I can definitley see the floral skater dress making an appearnce in my New Look basket, it’s beautiful! Not only do I love the print, I love the sweetheart necklace. The restraint that I’ve had so far is definitely wearing the more I look at this dress. 

The Umbrella print jumper from M&S is adoreable! Sadly, the 24 is out of stock online (Grrr!).  They do have the 22 but I’d size up in this so I can wear a vest underneath (I’m an old lady I know!). 

I also have some long sleeved tshirts in my little list as I’ve seen some gorgeous mulberry coloured ones in Primark! 

Do you have a Wednesday wishlist? What’s caught your eye this season? 



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