Spotty Dotty!


In August, I went to Plus North which is a plus size fashion event. It was AMAZING. I finally met some of the amazing bloggers whose blogs I have been reading for a while. It was fantastic meeting them and they encouraged me to start my own little blogging space! 

So here I am, a month or so down the line blogging. So far, so good! 

On the Sunday of Plus North, a clothes swap was held. I’d taken along some bits and pieces that I knew I wouldn’t wear so I was happy to see them go to a new home! 

In return, I could pick some items for myself out of the swap. 

One of the items I picked up was this rather cute New Look Inspire waterfall spotty blazer. It’s a size 20 so I wasn’t sure it would fit but if the worst came to worst, my sister (who is slightly less fat than I am) would gain a lovely piece to her ever expanding wardrobe of Charlotte’s cast-offs. Having a younger sister who is similar size to me is a blessing and a curse! She is often known to ‘borrow’ my clothes (where are those purple jeggings?!) but often if I’m too lazy to return something or if I’ve won something on ebay that doesn’t fit, she gratefully accepts any clothes donations.

I love my clothes swap blazer and I am thankful to the person who brought it along to the swap!



Teamed with my ever trusty jeggings from Yours Clothing. These are my go to jeggings for any occasion! They’re comfoartable, they’re hard wearing and they don’t break the bank! Absolute win for Yours Clothing from me! 

Did you go to Plus North? If so, did you get anything from the clothes swap?



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