Winter Wear!

Hello lovelies! 

I’m back after a good 6 week hiatus! Have you missed me? 

It’s been a hectic few weeks. I turned 24, my niece was born (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the baby spam!) and I’ve been busy with work. Dark nights are so hard to get a good photo in!

However, I’m hopefully back to my little blog. 

I’ve seem to have bought lots of new pretties over the past few weeks, my wardrobe has literally ran out of room. I shall be writing about those soon but first up is this cute little New Look dress that I picked up in a blog sale in the summer. 

I’d forgot all about buying this dress so when I found it tucked away amongst my hangers, I was thrilled! 


It’s no longer available on New Look unfortunately but this skater dress is very similar!  
The dress is a super soft crepe like material that has no stretch. This dress is a 24 and it snugly fits around my bum and tum! I love the colours on this dress and the Peter Pan collar makes this dress one of my new favourites. Can you have favourite dresses? I know I do! 

I’ve teamed my dress with my absolute bargain coat that I picked up in Barnados, brand new with tags for £3.50! Fits like a dream and all proceeds go towards charity! I’ve found a similar coat from George at Asda here. I know this coat will get lots of wear this winter as it is so versatile! 


I was off to my Grandma’s for dinner before I took these shots so my face was fully made up! I adore the MUA lip lacquer in Reckless, one of my favourite products to use on my lips. Incase you have missed my face, here is shot of my rather round mush! 


Have you tried the MUA lip lacquers?



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